Protect the environment, and your business, with AdBlue® dispensers.

 By 2020 it's estimated '28 million vehicles' have to comply with EU Regulation to reduce diesel emissions. As AdBlue® tank sizes have been decreased by manufacturers, the average Diesel owner will now need to refuel, on average, every 5,000km. So, are you ready for the AdBlue® demand?

 Why AdBlue®

AdBlue® has proven to be a leading technology for reducing Nitrogen Oxide in exhaust gasses which are created in the combustion process in diesel engines.

In the past AdBlue® was replaced only when a car was serviced. However, because of tighter EU legislation, there is now more demand for the solution, which means that customers will increasingly require AdBlue® from filling stations. In summary:

  • Economy conscious manufacturing means smaller AdBlue® tanks which need to be replenished more often
  • Legislated software updates for the catalytic system has led to more AdBlue® being required
  • AdBlue® can be a difficult product to handle as it is highly corrosive
  • The solution is temperature sensitive and crystallises in contact with air
  • Minor impurities can easily damage a catalytic system

Faster Throughput

Gilbarco Veeder-Root dispensers allow users to fill both diesel and AdBlue® at the same time, reducing the time spent at the pump and increasing the potential throughput of the forecourt. Cars and light duty vehicles can benefit from the 40/70 push-button to increase diesel flow rate. Heavy duty vehicles which need 120 l/min can be served by the AdBlue Combi dispensers.


Improved Ease-of-Use

The patented Gilbarco Veeder-Root heated hose design means that there are no complications when dispensing, no covers to lift or doors to open, simply lift the nozzle and fill the tank like a regular dispenser.


Handle Large Volume

The impact of environmental legislation has left diesel cars, trucks and vans needing to use more AdBlue®. This means more demand and Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s solutions can support high volume demands without the need for extra shelf space, or left-over waste bottles that litter the forecourt.

Get ahead with AdBlue® dispensers

Gilbarco Veeder-Root understands that speed at the pump is vital to business profitability. Our range of SK700-II AdBlue® dispensers are designed to allow dual product dispensing, which means both AdBlue® and diesel can be filled at the same time, increasing the throughput potential of your forecourt. Complete the short form below to stay up-to-date with our AdBlue® solutions.