Gain immediate access to your fuel site status with Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s new mobile app, The PLUS VIEW. Our free application connects to your TLS-450PLUS, TLS4 and TLS4B automatic tank gauges to give you quick access to inventory and alarm information.

The PLUS VIEW mobile app

Station Owners/Managers

Inventory levels can be remotely checked, giving instant access to their sites inventory status, as well as the last delivery at the station.


Delivery Personnel

Using The PLUS VIEW app, the driver in your network can determine remotely which tanks need fuel before they even arrive on-site. 


Site Personnel

The station manager can now quickly get an overview of the stations operations, check inventory levels, and any active alarms. 


Immediately access critical station data

The PLUS VIEW is a free mobile application that gives you direct access to your TLS-450PLUS, TLS4, and TLS4B automatic tank gauge data. Now, with minimal set-up, c-store and fueling site employees and managers can easily check specific station information from anywhere, onsite or off.

  • Quickly see an overview of a networks status
  • Map view with visual indicator of any alarms and warnings
  • View Active Alarms report for a specific site
  • View the Current Inventory report for a specific site
  • View the Last Delivery report for a specific site
  • Store a contact for the station and quickly call or email

Are you getting the most out of your ATG?

Does your station suffer from runouts? Would you like to know at all times how much fuel you have in stock? Our latest series of ATG, the TLS 4XX range, offers more features than ever before with web connectivity as standard.

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I want my inventory accounted for,
even if I'm not onsite.

Problem solved.

The application makes the details of each connected station's tanks available at any time, including: volume, ullage, water height, fuel height, tank status, siphon set designation and whether a delivery is in-progress.

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If you're looking for more information our  PLUS VIEW technical guide can help you get started.